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While you can't directly download and use the Discord app on your PS5, you can leverage its voice chat functionality through your PlayStation account. Here's how to link your Discord account and use voice chat on PS5:

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  1. Link your Accounts:

    • Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Linked Services on your PS5.
    • Select Discord and follow the on-screen instructions to link your PlayStation Network account with your Discord account. You might need your phone or computer to verify the login.
  2. Join a Voice Chat on Discord:

    • There are two ways to initiate a Discord voice chat on PS5:
      • Mobile App:¬†Open the Discord app on your phone, join a voice channel, swipe up, and tap "Transfer to PlayStation." Choose your PS5 from the list.
      • Desktop App:¬†Join a voice channel on the Discord desktop app. A "Transfer to PlayStation" button will appear when you hover over the voice channel. Click it and select your PS5.
  3. Manage Voice Chat on PS5:

    • On your PS5, a notification will appear when you've successfully joined the voice channel. You can view it from the Control Center or through the notification itself.
    • This screen lets you manage your microphone settings, see other participants (if their PSN accounts are linked to Discord), and chat with your friends.
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