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Here's how to refill your Zippo lighter:

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Safety first:

  • Refill your Zippo in a well-ventilated area, away from heat sources and open flames. Lighter fluid is flammable!
  • Don't refill while the lighter is hot or lit.

Refilling process:

  1. Remove the insert: There's a small notch at the bottom of the Zippo case. Use your fingernail or a thin object to lift the insert out.

  2. Expose the filling material: Turn the insert upside down and lift the felt pad to reveal the cotton underneath. This cotton absorbs the lighter fluid.

  3. Fill with lighter fluid: Hold the insert upright and slowly squeeze the lighter fluid can to saturate the cotton. Stop filling when the lighter fluid reaches the top of the cotton or starts to pool around it. Overfilling can cause leaks.

  4. Let it absorb: Leave the insert for a minute or two to allow the cotton to fully absorb the fluid.

  5. Reassemble and wait: Place the felt pad back down and put the insert back into the case. Wipe off any excess lighter fluid from the exterior of the lighter. Wait a few minutes before trying to light your Zippo to allow any fumes to dissipate.


  • You can use a blunt object like an unfolded paperclip to help lift the felt pad if it's stiff.
  • Zippo recommends using their brand of lighter fluid for best performance.
  • Consider keeping a spare flint under the felt pad for easy replacement when needed.
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