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There are two main ways to approach drawing a lion, depending on whether you want a more realistic or a simplified version:

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Realistic Lion:

  1. Start with basic shapes: Lightly sketch circles and ovals to represent the head, chest, and back of the lion. You can also add a smaller circle for the muzzle. YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YLbd9q-MPiw
  2. Refine the shapes: Connect the circles and ovals with smooth curves to create the body contours. Add details like the ears, legs, and tail.
  3. Draw the facial features: Place the eyes, nose, and mouth within the head circle. Lions have round eyes, a broad nose, and a wide mouth with a powerful jaw.
  4. Add details and fur: Refine the lines for the final shapes. Draw the fur texture with short strokes following the direction of fur growth. Don't forget the mane, which is especially thick around the neck and shoulders.

Simpler Lion:

  1. Draw a large circle for the head: Add two smaller circles inside for the eyes and a triangle below for the nose.
  2. Draw two large triangles below the head for the body: Connect them with a curved line at the bottom.
  3. Add details: Draw the ears on top of the head, a curved line for the mouth, and four short lines for the legs. You can also add a simple tail.
  4. Color and personalize: Color your lion using crayons, markers, or paints. You can add details like whiskers and paw pads.
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