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In Minecraft, you can make a Fire Resistance potion using the brewing stand and the following ingredients:

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1. **Blaze Powder**: You'll need Blaze Powder, which is obtained by crafting Blaze Rods, dropped by Blazes found in the Nether.

2. **Water Bottle**: You'll need a Water Bottle. These can be made by using Glass Bottles on water sources such as rivers, oceans, or cauldrons filled with water.

3. **Nether Wart**: You'll need Nether Wart. These can be found growing in Nether Fortresses.

4. **Magma Cream**: Magma Cream is the main ingredient for Fire Resistance potions. You can craft Magma Cream by combining a Blaze Powder with a Slimeball.

Here are the steps to make a Fire Resistance potion:

1. **Craft a Brewing Stand**: You need a brewing stand to brew potions. This requires three cobblestones and a blaze rod. Arrange them in the crafting table as follows:


   [   ] [ B ] [   ]

   [ C ] [ C ] [ C ]

   [   ] [   ] [   ]


   (C = Cobblestone, B = Blaze Rod)

2. **Fill Bottles with Water**: Use glass bottles on a water source to fill them with water.

3. **Create Awkward Potion**: Place the water bottle in one of the three bottom slots in the Brewing Stand and add Nether Wart to the top slot. This will create an Awkward Potion.

4. **Add Magma Cream**: Once you have the Awkward Potion, put it back in the Brewing Stand and add Magma Cream to the top slot. This will create the Fire Resistance potion.

5. **Retrieve the Potion**: Once the brewing process is complete, the Fire Resistance potion will appear in the bottom slot of the Brewing Stand. You can then collect it and store it in your inventory for later use.

And there you have it! You've successfully brewed a Fire Resistance potion in Minecraft. This potion will grant you temporary immunity to fire and lava, which can be very useful when exploring dangerous areas like the Nether or fighting fiery mobs.
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