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To delete duplicate values in Excel, you can use the "Remove Duplicates" feature. Here's how:

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1. **Select Your Data Range:**

   - Open your Excel spreadsheet and select the range of cells that contain the data with duplicates.

2. **Open the Remove Duplicates Dialog Box:**

   - Go to the "Data" tab on the Excel ribbon.

3. **Click on "Remove Duplicates":**

   - In the "Data Tools" group, click on the "Remove Duplicates" button. This will open a dialog box.

4. **Choose Columns:**

   - In the dialog box, Excel will automatically select all columns in your selected range. If you want to remove duplicates based on specific columns only, uncheck the columns you don't want to include.

5. **Remove Duplicates:**

   - After selecting the columns, click "OK" to remove the duplicates. Excel will delete all duplicate rows based on the selected columns, keeping only the unique records.

6. **Review the Results:**

   - Excel will display a message indicating how many duplicate values were found and removed. Review your data to ensure that the duplicates were removed correctly.

It's essential to note that the "Remove Duplicates" feature permanently deletes duplicate rows from your data. Make sure to back up your data or work on a copy of your file if you're concerned about losing any information.
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