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Here's how to clean a pillow, depending on the material and care instructions:

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General Tips:

  • Always check the care label: This is the most important step! The label sewn into the pillow will usually indicate the recommended washing method and any specific instructions for the filling material.

Washing Pillows:

  • Machine washable pillows: Most pillows made from cotton, synthetic fiberfill, or down/feather can be washed in a washing machine.
    • Use warm water on a gentle or delicate cycle.
    • For down or feather pillows: Use a mild detergent and add extra tennis balls or dryer balls to the machine (2-3) to help fluff up the feathers during drying.

Non-washable pillows:

  • For pillows that cannot be machine washed: Spot clean stains with a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution. Let the area air dry completely before using the pillow again.

Drying Pillows:

  • Drying is crucial: No matter the washing method, it's essential to dry pillows thoroughly to prevent mold growth.
  • Machine drying: Most washable pillows can be tumble dried on low heat. Fluff the pillows frequently during drying to ensure even drying throughout. For down or feather pillows: Drying on low heat for an extended period is recommended.
  • Air drying: If machine drying is not possible, lay the pillow flat in a well-ventilated area with good air circulation and out of direct sunlight. Flip the pillow regularly to ensure even drying.

Additional Tips:

  • Wash pillows regularly: Ideally, wash pillows every 3 months or more frequently if you sweat a lot during sleep or have allergies.
  • Refresh pillows between washes: To freshen up pillows between washes, you can sprinkle baking soda on the surface, leave it for 30 minutes to an hour, and then vacuum thoroughly.
  • Consider replacing pillows: Pillows tend to lose their shape and supportive qualities over time. Experts recommend replacing pillows every 1-2 years.
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