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Making a money lei is a creative way to gift cash in a celebratory manner, often for graduations or special occasions. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

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Money: Choose the bill denominations that fit your budget and the recipient's needs.

Ribbon: Select a strong ribbon in a color that complements the occasion or the recipient's preference. Consider the length you desire for the lei and choose a ribbon accordingly.


Tape or small rubber bands (optional)


Fold the bills: Take a bill and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half again and accordion-fold it into small sections, creating a neat pleating effect.

Secure the folds: (Optional) You can use a small piece of tape or rubber band to secure the folded bill in the middle, maintaining the accordion shape.

Attach the bills to the ribbon: Thread the folded bill onto the ribbon. You can either loop the ribbon ends through the center of the folded bill or use a small piece of tape to securely fasten the bill to the ribbon.

Repeat: Continue attaching folded bills to the ribbon, leaving a slight gap between each one.

Adjust and customize: Once you've attached enough bills, tie the ends of the ribbon together to create a loop. You can adjust the tightness of the lei to fit the recipient comfortably.


For a fuller look: Use multiple bills per "flower" by layering two or three bills and folding them together before attaching them to the ribbon.

Add embellishments: Consider incorporating fake flowers, leaves, or other decorative elements made from construction paper or tissue paper to enhance the visual appeal of your lei.

Be mindful of legalities: Check local regulations regarding the use of currency for decorative purposes, especially if gifting a large sum of money.
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