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To make a fire resistance potion, you'll need the following ingredients and equipment:

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Nether Wart

Magma Cream


Brewing Stand

Blaze Powder (to fuel the brewing stand)

Glass Bottles (for storing the potion)

Here are the steps to make a fire resistance potion:

Acquire Nether Wart: You can find Nether Wart growing naturally in Nether Fortresses. Harvest it by breaking the Nether Wart blocks.

Craft Blaze Powder: Blaze Powder is crafted by placing Blaze Rods in the crafting grid. Blaze Rods are dropped by Blazes, which are found in Nether Fortresses as well.

Craft Magma Cream: Magma Cream is crafted by combining Blaze Powder with Slimeballs. Slimeballs can be obtained by killing Slimes, which typically spawn in swamps or underground.

Brewing the Potion:

a. Place the Nether Wart in one of the bottom three slots of the brewing stand.

b. Add Blaze Powder to the top slot of the brewing stand to fuel it.

c. Wait for the Nether Wart to brew into an Awkward Potion. This is the base for all potions.

d. Once the Awkward Potion is brewed, add Magma Cream to the top slot of the brewing stand.

e. Wait for the Magma Cream to brew with the Awkward Potion, creating the Fire Resistance Potion.

Collect the Potion: Once the Fire Resistance Potion has finished brewing, use Glass Bottles to collect it from the brewing stand.

Now, you have a Fire Resistance Potion that you can consume to gain temporary immunity to fire damage. These potions are particularly useful when exploring dangerous environments such as the Nether or battling foes that use fire-based attacks.
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