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Here's how to insert a checkbox in Microsoft Word:

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Enable the Developer tab:

Go to File.

Click on Options.

In the Word Options window, select Customize Ribbon on the left pane.

Under Main Tabs, check the box next to Developer.

Click OK.

Insert the checkbox:

Place your cursor where you want to insert the checkbox.

Go to the Developer tab.

In the Controls group, click on the Check Box Content Control button.

A checkbox will appear at your cursor location. You can click on it to mark it with an "X".

Additional options:

You can copy and paste the checkbox to other parts of your document.

To change the default "X" to another symbol, right-click the checkbox and select Properties. In the Content Control Properties window, click the Change button next to Checked symbol and choose a different symbol.

You can format the checkbox by selecting it and using the formatting options on the Home tab.
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