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Asian lady beetles, while beneficial in the garden, can become a nuisance indoors. Here are some ways to manage them:

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Prevention is key:

Seal cracks and gaps around doors, windows, siding, pipes, and vents with caulk.

Repair damaged screens.

Use weatherstripping around doors and windows.

Removing them from your home:

Vacuum them up with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Dispose of the bag outdoors after use.

Gently sweep or brush them into a container and release them outside.

Set traps designed for ladybugs, following the instructions carefully.

Things to avoid:

Insecticides: These are harmful to the environment and may not be effective on ladybugs.

Squishing or swatting them: This will release a foul odor and stain surfaces.

Remember, ladybugs are helpful predators in the garden. If you can tolerate a small number indoors, they may actually help control other pest insects.
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