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Here's how to make a delicious and refreshing smoothie bowl:

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Here's how to make a delicious and refreshing smoothie bowl:


  • Smoothie Base: This is the foundation of your bowl and what you'll blend to create a thick, creamy consistency. Here are some popular options:

    • Frozen fruit (like bananas, berries, mango, pineapple)
    • Fresh fruit (although frozen fruit creates a thicker texture)
    • Leafy greens (spinach, kale) - add a subtle taste and nutritional boost
    • Milk (dairy or non-dairy options like almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk)
    • Yogurt (dairy or non-dairy options like Greek yogurt, plant-based yogurt)
    • Protein powder (optional, for an extra protein boost)
  • Toppings: This is where you can get creative and personalize your bowl! Here are some ideas:

    • Fresh fruit (sliced or chopped)
    • Granola
    • Nuts and seeds (chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, sliced peanuts)
    • Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, chopped dates)
    • Shredded coconut
    • Nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter)
    • Dark chocolate chips
    • Honey or maple syrup (for a touch of sweetness)
    • Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg)


  1. Prepare your smoothie base: Add your chosen frozen and fresh fruits, leafy greens (if using), milk, yogurt (if using), and protein powder (if using) to your blender.

  2. Blend until smooth: Start blending on low speed and gradually increase to high. You want a thick and creamy consistency, but not so thick that it's difficult to eat with a spoon. Add more milk or yogurt a little at a time if needed to achieve the desired texture.

  3. Pour the smoothie into a bowl: Choose a bowl that's visually appealing and wide enough to hold all your toppings.

  4. Get creative with toppings! Arrange your chosen toppings on top of the smoothie base. You can create sections with different toppings or mix them all together for a delightful combination.

  5. Enjoy! Grab a spoon and savor your delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl.


  • For a perfectly chilled bowl, pre-freeze your serving bowls for a few minutes before assembling.
  • Frozen bananas are a great base ingredient as they add natural sweetness and creaminess.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavor combinations!
  • If your smoothie bowl seems too thick after adding toppings, you can always drizzle a bit of milk or yogurt on top for extra creaminess.
  • Leftover smoothie base can be stored in the freezer for a quick and easy breakfast or snack another day.

Smoothie bowl variations:

  • Tropical Bowl: Use frozen mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut milk for the base. Top with fresh mango, pineapple chunks, shredded coconut, and a drizzle of honey.
  • Berry Bowl: Blend frozen berries, banana, and almond milk for the base. Top with fresh berries, granola, and almond butter.
  • Green Power Bowl: Combine spinach, banana, frozen pineapple, and plant-based milk for the base. Top with fresh banana slices, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.

Have fun creating your perfect smoothie bowl!

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