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There are several ways to draw roses, depending on the level of detail and realism you're aiming for. Here are two methods to get you started:

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Simple Rose:

Start with the basic shapes: Lightly sketch three circles of increasing size, one nestled inside the other, to represent the center of the rose.

Draw the first petal: From the top of the middle circle, draw a curved line down and around to form the first petal. Imagine a heart shape opening upwards.

Add more petals: Repeat step 2, drawing additional petals around the center, overlapping slightly and varying the sizes and shapes to create a natural look.

Refine and details: Once you're happy with the basic shape, refine the lines, add details like creases and folds to the petals, and draw a stem with leaves.

More Detailed Rose:

Observe a real rose or reference photo: Pay close attention to the shapes, folds, and light and shadow play on the petals.

Start with the bud: Draw a loose oval shape for the unopened petals in the center.

Layer the petals: Draw individual petals around the bud, starting with the outermost ones. Use curved lines with varying widths and pressure to create depth and texture.

Refine and shade: Once the basic structure is there, refine the lines, add details like veins and texture to the petals, and shade the rose to create a sense of volume and realism.

Here are some additional tips for drawing roses:

Use light pencil strokes for the initial sketch so you can easily erase and adjust.

Pay attention to the negative space between the petals.

Roses are not perfectly symmetrical, so don't be afraid to let your lines flow organically.

Practice makes perfect! The more you draw roses, the more comfortable and confident you will become.
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