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Drawing an anime body involves using basic shapes and proportions to create a stylized figure. Here's a general breakdown of the steps:

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1. Start with the basic framework:

Head: Draw a circle as the head base.

Torso: Use simple shapes like ovals, rectangles, or a combination of both to define the torso.

Center line: Draw a light vertical line down the center of your figure to guide symmetry.

2. Refine the torso and add proportions:

Proportions: In anime, the body is typically longer and leaner than real human proportions. The head is often about 1/7th to 1/8th of the total body height.

Shoulders: Draw the shoulders using lines or curves extending from the top of the torso, slightly wider than the head.

Hips: Define the hips slightly narrower than the shoulders, using ovals or curves at the bottom of the torso.

3. Add limbs:

Arms: Draw lines or cylinders for the arms, extending from the shoulders to the desired pose.

Legs: Draw lines or cylinders for the legs, extending from the hips to the feet. Elbows and knees can be represented with simple circles.

4. Refine the details:

Muscles: Anime bodies typically have less defined musculature compared to realistic figures. Suggest subtle curves for muscles, especially in the arms, legs, and torso.

Hands and feet: Draw simplified shapes for hands and feet, focusing on capturing the general form rather than intricate details.

5. Refine and adjust:

Use light lines throughout the process and gradually refine the shapes and proportions as you go.

Pay attention to posture and balance, ensuring the pose feels natural and conveys the desired emotion or action.
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