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Here's a simple way to draw a cute dog:

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1. Start with basic shapes:

Draw a large circle for the head.

Below the head, draw a smaller circle connected to the larger one with a curved line. This will be the body.

2. Add the facial features:

Inside the head, draw two small circles close together for the eyes. Add a smaller circle inside each for the pupils.

Draw a small triangle pointing down from the center of the head for the nose.

Above the nose, draw a curved line for the mouth. You can make it a happy curve or a surprised curve, depending on the emotion you want your dog to show.

3. Don't forget the ears and tail!

On top of the head, draw two floppy triangles for ears. You can adjust the size and shape to match the kind of dog you're drawing.

Draw a curved line coming out from the back of the body for the tail. You can keep it straight or give it a playful curl.

4. Add details and color:

Thicken the outlines of your drawing using a darker pencil or crayon.

Erase the extra guidelines from the initial circles.

Color your dog! You can use any colors you like, or use brown, black, or white for a more realistic look.


Don't worry about making things perfect. Just have fun and experiment!

You can use different shapes and sizes for the circles to create different dog breeds.

If you want, you can add details like a collar, tongue, or spots to your dog.

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