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Caviar can range in price dramatically depending on the type and source:

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* **Very expensive:**  Almas caviar, from albino Beluga sturgeon in Iran, is considered the most expensive at **$35,000 per kilogram** [1]. Other Beluga caviar can also be very pricey, reaching **$200 per ounce** [2].

* **Expensive:**  Other sturgeon varieties like Ossetra and Kaluga can cost  **$60 to $90 per ounce** [2].

* **Moderately priced:** Roe from other fish, like Salmon or Lumpfish, can be significantly cheaper, sometimes around **$12 per ounce** [2]. 

Here's a general breakdown of caviar prices:

* **Most expensive:** Almas caviar - Upwards of $35,000/kg

* **Very expensive:** Beluga caviar - Upwards of $200/oz

* **Expensive:** Ossetra & Kaluga caviar - $60-$90/oz

* **Moderately priced:** Salmon & Lumpfish roe - Around $12/oz

Remember, these are just general ranges. The actual price can vary depending on the specific product, retailer, and market conditions.
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