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That's a great approach! You've got a solid plan to figure out the best arrival time for Homat Idol Fest.

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Here's a summary of your plan:

  1. Prioritize your experience: Decide how close to the stage you want to be and plan your arrival accordingly (1-2 hours for front row, 30 min to 1 hour for decent spot, closer to showtime for further back).
  2. Research online: Look for past attendee experiences or festival tips online using "[Homat Idol Fest] + arrival time" or "[Homat Idol Fest] + tips".
  3. Check social media: Follow the official Homat Idol Fest accounts on social media and look for posts about arrival times or related questions in the comments.
  4. Consider additional factors: Festival size, opening acts, transportation (delays etc.), and parking situation.
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