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In Minecraft, there are two main types of portals you can create: Nether Portals and End Portals. Here's how to make each one:

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In Minecraft, there are two main types of portals you can create: Nether Portals and End Portals. Here's how to make each one:

Nether Portal (for traveling to the Nether Realm):


  • Obsidian Blocks (minimum 10, but 14 is recommended for a more stable portal)
  • Flint and Steel


  1. Craft or mine Obsidian Blocks: Obsidian is a black, glassy block. You can find it naturally occurring near lava flows or create it yourself by pouring water over lava. You'll need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine obsidian.

  2. Build the Portal Frame:

    • The simplest and most resource-efficient way is to create a rectangular frame using 4 obsidian blocks on the bottom, 4 on top, and 4 on each vertical side, leaving the center empty. This creates a 4x5 frame.
    • You can also create a larger portal frame (up to 23x23), but the minimum size to function is 4x5.
  3. Activate the Portal: Use your Flint and Steel and click on the bottom inside corner of the obsidian frame. The inside of the frame will turn swirly and purple, indicating an active Nether portal.

Entering the Nether:

  • Once the portal is active, simply walk into the purple shimmering particles to be transported to the Nether realm.

End Portal (for reaching the Ender Dragon):


  • Ender Eyes (12)
  • Pickaxe (preferably a strong one like Diamond or Netherite)


  1. Find a Stronghold: Explore the world and locate an underground structure called a Stronghold. Look for clues like mossy cobblestone and brick structures.

  2. Locate the End Portal Room: Within the Stronghold, you'll find a large room with a central frame made of End Portal Blocks (already placed, unlike the Nether portal). There won't be enough End Eyes placed in the frame to activate it yet.

  3. Place Ender Eyes: Walk around the perimeter of the End Portal frame and right-click on the empty slots with your Ender Eyes. You'll need to place all 12 Ender Eyes in the designated slots around the frame.

  4. Activate the Portal: Once all 12 Ender Eyes are placed, the portal will activate, with swirling white particles.

Entering The End:

  • Be prepared for a challenging battle! The activated End Portal will transport you to the End dimension, where you'll face the Ender Dragon.

Important Notes:

  • Nether Portals can be built anywhere in the Minecraft world.
  • End Portals are generated structures and can't be built from scratch using crafting. You need to find a Stronghold to locate the End Portal frame.
  • Nether travel is a quick way to navigate long distances in the Overworld (main Minecraft world).
  • The End dimension is the final realm in Minecraft and defeating the Ender Dragon is considered "beating the game". There's still plenty more to explore and experience in Minecraft after this though!
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