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There are two main approaches to making a Minecraft cake:

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There are two main approaches to making a Minecraft cake:

1. Minecraft Cake Inspired Decoration on a Regular Cake:

This method involves baking a regular cake and decorating it to resemble a Minecraft cake. Here's what you'll need:


You can choose your favorite cake recipe, a box mix, or a recipe for a square cake if you want to be more Minecraft-authentic.


  • Frosting: Prepare a light or white colored frosting to cover the entire cake.
  • Fondant (optional): Fondant allows for more intricate and blocky decorations like the brown base and green pixelated grass. You can buy pre-made fondant or make your own.
  • Food Coloring: Black, green, and brown food coloring will be used to create the pixelated design.


  1. Bake your chosen cake and let it cool completely.
  2. Frost the entire cake with a light or white colored frosting.
  3. Using Fondant (optional):
    • Roll out brown fondant to create a base layer for the cake.
    • Cut the fondant to the size of your cake and carefully place it on the bottom frosted layer.
    • Roll out green fondant and cut square shapes resembling grass pixels. Place them on the top frosted layer of the cake.
  4. Without Fondant: Use green frosting to create a grass layer on the top of the cake.
  5. Use black frosting or icing pens to draw black pixelated outlines around the entire cake and on the green frosting (grass layer) to create a pixelated effect.

2. Minecraft Cake with Square Layers (using a baking kit - not recommended):

Important Note: While browsing online recipes, you might find instructions for making a Minecraft cake using a specific ratio of ingredients that replicates the crafting recipe in the game (1 egg, 2 sugar, 3 milk, 3 flour). This doesn't translate well to real-life baking and may result in a cake that is more like a dense pancake.

Here's a workaround if you're set on having a square cake:

  • Purchase a cake baking kit specifically designed for baking square cakes. These pans come with instructions for the batter and baking time.
  • Decorate the cake following method 1 above using frosting and fondant (optional).

Additional Tips:

  • You can add sugar cookie crumble or chopped nuts to the frosting for a bit of texture.
  • If you don't have food coloring, you can use chocolate frosting instead of black to outline the cake.
  • Consider adding gumdrop candies or chocolate squares as pixelated decorations on top of the cake.
  • Most importantly, have fun and be creative with your Minecraft cake design!
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