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Here's how to make a classic origami paper boat:

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Here's how to make a classic origami paper boat:


  • One rectangular piece of paper (regular printer paper works well)


  1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise: Hold the rectangle with the shorter side at the top. Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge, creating a crease in the middle. Unfold the paper so it lies flat again.

  2. Make mountain and valley folds: Fold the top right corner down diagonally to meet the center crease you just made. Do the same with the top left corner, so both corners fold down to meet the center crease. This creates two triangles on either side with a crease running down the center of each. These are mountain folds because the folds point upwards like mountains.

  3. Open the folds partially: Carefully unfold the top two flaps you just created. They won't open completely flat, but rather form creases that divide the triangles in half.

  4. Fold the sides down: Take the right flap and fold its edge down to meet the center crease running down the middle of the model. Do the same with the left flap, so both sides are folded inwards and aligned with the center crease.

  5. Sharpen the boat shape: With the flaps folded inwards, fold the top point of each flap down again towards the base of the model. This creates the pointed ends of the boat.

  6. Open the boat: Carefully pry open the bottom of the boat by gently pushing your fingers inside the folds. The boat should take shape!


  • You can decorate your paper boat with crayons, markers, or stickers before folding it into its final form.
  • Once your boat is complete, test it by floating it in a gentle stream, bathtub, or sink of water.

Here are some additional tips for making your paper boat:

  • Use a crisp, uncreased piece of paper for a cleaner fold.
  • Make sure your folds are nice and crease to create a well-defined boat shape.
  • Experiment with different paper sizes to see what kind of boat you prefer.

Have fun crafting your paper boat!

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