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Sure, here are some ways to draw an apple:

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There are several ways to draw an apple, depending on the level of detail and style you're looking for. Here's a guide for a simple yet recognizable apple:


  • Pencil with good lead (HB or 2B)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Paper


  1. Start with a circle: Lightly sketch a circle in the center of your paper. This will form the base of the apple.

  2. W-shaped bottom: Draw a curved line extending down from the bottom of the circle. Don't make it a straight line; instead, create a slight dip in the middle and then curve it upwards slightly on both ends. This creates a W-shape and gives the apple a more natural, rounded bottom.

  3. Stem and leaf (optional):

    • From the top center of the circle, draw a short, straight line upwards for the stem.
    • Add a small, pointed oval shape at the end of the stem for a simple leaf.
  4. Refine and outline (optional):

    • Once you're happy with the basic shape, refine your lines and erase any unnecessary pencil strokes. You can darken the outline for a more defined look.
  5. Shading and details (optional):

    • Use light pencil strokes to add shading to your apple. Consider where your light source is coming from and shade the areas that wouldn't be hit by the light directly. This adds depth and dimension to your drawing.
    • You can also add details like a wormhole or a bite mark for a more interesting apple.


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