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Here's how to breed axolotls in Minecraft:

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Here's how to breed axolotls in Minecraft:


  • Two adult Axolotls: They can be any of the different axolotl colors (wild type, lucy, gold, axolotl cyan, axolotl wild pink).
  • Bucket of Tropical Fish: This will be used to lure and enter breeding mode for the axolotls.


  1. Find or capture Axolotls: Axolotls can be found in underground water sources like lush caves and underwater ruins. They are passive mobs and won't attack you. You can use a water bucket to scoop them up and transport them to a safe breeding location.

  2. Prepare a breeding pool: Axolotls need water to breed. Build a small pool of water at least one block deep and large enough for the two axolotls to swim around comfortably.

  3. Get the Axolotls close together: Lure or gently herd the axolotls into the breeding pool and ensure they are within a few blocks of each other.

  4. Enter breeding mode: Hold a bucket of tropical fish in your hand and select one of the axolotls by tapping or right-clicking on it with the bucket in hand. If both axolotls are adults and have not bred recently, hearts will appear above them indicating breeding mode.

  5. Wait for the baby Axolotl: If breeding is successful, red hearts will appear over both adult axolotls, and one of them will emit particles. After a while, a baby axolotl will spawn in the water.

Additional Tips:

  • Feeding the baby axolotl: Baby axolotls (called "axolotl chi" or "w tadpole") will grow into adults over time. You can speed up this process by feeding them buckets of tropical fish.
  • Breeding cooldown: After breeding successfully, there's a cooldown period of about 5 minutes before the adult axolotls can be bred again.

Axolotls don't need to be tamed to breed.

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