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There are two built-in methods for recording your screen on a Mac:

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There are two built-in methods for recording your screen on a Mac:

  1. QuickTime Player:

    • Open QuickTime Player. It's usually found in the Applications folder.
    • Go to File > New Screen Recording.
    • You'll see recording options on-screen. Here's a breakdown:
      • Click anywhere to record the entire screen.
      • Drag to select a specific area for recording.
      • Click the dropdown menu next to the record button to choose the microphone (if you want to record audio) and other options.
    • Click the record button (red circle) to start recording.
    • Click the stop recording button (square) in the menu bar when you're done.
    • QuickTime Player will automatically open your recording for playback, editing, or saving.
  2. Screenshot Tool:

    • Use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-5 (or open Screenshot from Launchpad).
    • This opens a menu with various capture options.
    • Click the record button (looks like a camera recording icon) to record the entire screen.
    • Alternatively, click and hold the record button to choose whether to record the entire screen, a specific window, or a selected portion.
    • Click the stop recording button (appears as a square) in the menu bar to stop recording.
    • Your screen recording will be saved to your desktop by default.
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