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how long do hair extensions last

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The lifespan of hair extensions depends on several factors, including:

Type of extension:

  • Fusion/Pre-Bonded: 3-4 months. These extensions require professional application and removal and need maintenance every 6-8 weeks to tighten the bonds as your hair grows.
  • Tape-In: 4-8 weeks. These offer a more temporary solution and can be re-taped up to three times with proper care.
  • Clip-In: 3-6 months. These are the most versatile and least damaging option, but they need to be removed at night and can't be worn 24/7.
  • Sew-In: 6-8 weeks. They are sewn into braids and offer a more permanent-looking solution, but require professional installation and removal and can put stress on natural hair if not maintained properly.
  • Microlinks: 3-4 months. Similar to fusion extensions, microlinks use tiny beads to attach hair strands to natural hair, requiring professional application and removal.

Hair quality:

  • Human hair extensions: Generally last longer than synthetic hair extensions, offering a more natural look and feel.
  • Synthetic hair extensions: More affordable but tend to tangle and lose their vibrancy faster.


  • Following proper care instructions: This includes gentle washing, conditioning, and avoiding heat styling as much as possible.
  • Regular brushing and detangling: This helps prevent matting and breakage.
  • Professional maintenance (for certain types): Some extensions, like fusion or sew-in, require professional adjustments every few weeks to maintain their lifespan and prevent damage to your natural hair.

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