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how does goodrx make money

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GoodRx uses a multi-pronged approach to generate revenue, capitalizing on different aspects of the complex US prescription drug pricing system:

1. Partnerships with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs):

  • GoodRx doesn't negotiate directly with pharmacies but works with PBMs, acting as intermediaries between patients and pharmacies.
  • When a customer uses a GoodRx discount card at a pharmacy, the PBM gets a fee from the pharmacy.
  • GoodRx then receives a share of this fee as a commission for directing the customer to the pharmacy.

2. Telehealth services:

  • GoodRx offers various paid telehealth services, including consultations with doctors, COVID-19 testing, and general health screenings.
  • These services generate revenue directly from the users who pay for them.

3. Affordable medical examinations:

  • GoodRx partners with certain healthcare providers to offer discounted medical examinations, such as blood tests.
  • This strategy serves as an add-on service to their core offerings and generates additional revenue.

4. GoodRx Gold (premium membership):

  • GoodRx introduced GoodRx Gold, a paid monthly subscription service.
  • Gold members receive additional benefits like lower prescription drug prices, free telehealth consultations, and pharmacy discounts on non-prescription items.

5. Future endeavors:

  • GoodRx constantly explores new avenues for revenue generation, such as expanding telehealth services and potentially offering additional healthcare-related products and services.

In summary, GoodRx leverages:

  • Partnerships with PBMs to benefit from existing drug pricing structures.
  • Direct revenue streams from telehealth services and premium memberships.
  • Strategic collaborations to offer additional value-added services.

This multi-faceted approach allows GoodRx to generate revenue while potentially improving access to affordable healthcare for their users within the current system.

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