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The NBA In-Season Tournament, also known as the NBA Cup, is a new addition to the NBA schedule, introduced in the 2023-2024 season. Here's how it works:

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  • The tournament involves all 30 NBA teams.
  • Teams are divided into six groups, each with five teams, based on their conference (Eastern or Western).
  • Each team plays four games within their group, facing every other team in their group once.
  • These group stage games count towards both the tournament and the regular season standings.

Knockout Rounds:

  • The group winner from each group and one wild card team from each conference advance to the knockout rounds.
  • The wild card team is the team with the best record among non-group winners in each conference.
  • The knockout rounds follow a single-elimination format, meaning the loser of each game is eliminated.
  • The final two rounds of the knockout stage are played at a neutral site.
  • The championship game, held in Las Vegas this year, determines the tournament winner.
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