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There are two ways to find the mode, depending on whether you have the data in a list or a table:

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Finding the Mode in a List:

  1. Organize the Data: Write down all the data points in your list.
  2. Count Frequencies: Count how many times each number appears in the list.
  3. Identify the Most Frequent: The number that appears most often is the mode.

For example, consider the list: {3, 5, 2, 5, 1, 5, 3}

  • 1 appears once.
  • 2 appears once.
  • 3 appears twice.
  • 5 appears three times.

In this case, the mode is 5 because it appears the most frequently (3 times) in the list.

Finding the Mode in a Table:

  1. Identify the Data Column: Locate the column in your table that contains the values you want to find the mode for.
  2. Sort the Data (Optional): While not strictly necessary, sorting the data in ascending or descending order can help you visualize the repetitions easier. You can sort the data manually or use spreadsheet functions if working in a digital format.
  3. Look for Repetitions: Scan the sorted data column to see which value appears most often.

Here, sorting isn't essential, but let's say you have a table with product codes and their sales volume:

Product Code Sales Volume
ABC123 10
DEF456 5
GHI789 5
JKL012 10
MNO345 5

By scanning the table, you can see that "5" appears the most frequently (3 times) as the sales volume, making it the mode.

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