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Here's how to allow pop-ups on your iPhone's Safari browser:

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  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

  2. Scroll down and tap on Safari.

  3. Find the Block Pop-ups option. It will likely be under the General section.

  4. If the toggle switch next to Block Pop-ups is green, then pop-ups are currently blocked. Tap the switch to turn it off (it will turn white).

Important: While allowing pop-ups can give you access to certain website features, it also means you'll see more pop-ups, some of which can be malicious. Be cautious when interacting with pop-ups, and only visit websites you trust.

For other browsers:

The method for enabling pop-ups might be slightly different for other browsers on your iPhone. You can usually find the option within the browser's settings menu, under a section like "Content settings" or "Privacy."

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