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There are two main ways to add in Excel:

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  1. Using the addition operator (+):
  • Click on the cell where you want the sum to appear.
  • Type an equal sign (=) followed by the numbers you want to add, separated by plus signs (+).
  • For example, to add 5 and 3, you would type =5+3 in the cell.
  • You can also reference other cells containing values you want to add. For instance, if numbers 5 and 3 are in cells A1 and A2 respectively, you would enter =A1+A2 to add their values.
  1. Using the SUM function:
  • This is a more efficient way to add a range of cells.
  • Click on the cell where you want the sum to appear.
  • Type =SUM( followed by the range of cells you want to add, enclosed in parentheses.
  • For example, to add cells A1 to A10, you would type =SUM(A1:A10).

Excel also offers a helpful shortcut:

  • AutoSum: Click on the cell where you want the sum. Click the AutoSum button (Σ) located on the Home tab. Excel will automatically detect a range of adjacent cells to add and include them in the SUM function.

Let me know if you'd like to know more about any of these methods!

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