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To delete your YouTube account, you'll need to access your Google Account settings, as YouTube accounts are linked to Google accounts. Here's how to do it:

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1. **Sign In**: Go to the Google Account management page and sign in with the Google account that is associated with your YouTube account.

2. **Access Account Settings**: Once signed in, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page, then select "Google Account" from the dropdown menu.

3. **Navigate to Data & Personalization**: In your Google Account settings, find and click on "Data & Personalization" in the left-hand menu.

4. **Manage Your Data & Personalization**: Scroll down until you find the "Download, delete, or make a plan for your data" section. Under this section, click on "Delete a service or your account."

5. **Delete Your Google Account**: On the next page, you'll see options to delete specific Google services or to delete your entire Google Account. Since YouTube accounts are linked to Google accounts, deleting your Google account will also delete your YouTube account along with any other Google services associated with it.

6. **Review What You'll Lose**: Google will provide information about what you'll lose when you delete your account, such as saved data, purchases, and subscriptions. Review this information carefully to ensure you're aware of the consequences.

7. **Confirm Deletion**: If you're sure you want to proceed with deleting your Google account (and thereby your YouTube account), click on "Delete your account."

8. **Follow the Prompts**: Follow the prompts to confirm your decision and provide any additional information that may be required to complete the account deletion process.

Please note that deleting your Google account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Before deleting your account, be sure to download any data you want to keep, such as videos or playlists, as you will lose access to this data once your account is deleted. Additionally, deleting your account will also delete your Gmail inbox and any other data associated with your Google account.
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