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The cost of an Uber ride depends on several factors, so it's difficult to give a single price.

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Here's what affects the cost:

  • Base fare: This is a starting fee applied to every Uber ride.
  • Price per kilometer (or mile): This is a charge based on the distance you travel.
  • Price per minute: This is a charge based on the time it takes to complete your trip, often used when traffic is slow.
  • Surge pricing: Uber can implement surge pricing during high demand periods, which temporarily increases fares.

Here's a general idea for UberX pricing in Giza, Egypt (as of March 11, 2024):

  • Base fare: Around EGP 12 (roughly equivalent to USD 0.63 based on the exchange rate) [1].
  • Price per kilometer: Around EGP 3.10 (roughly equivalent to USD 0.16 per kilometer) [1].
  • Price per minute: Around EGP 0.55 (roughly equivalent to USD 0.03 per minute) [1].

Here's how to estimate the cost of your Uber ride:

  1. Use the Uber app: The Uber app allows you to enter your pickup and destination points, and it will provide an estimated fare price before you request a ride.
  2. Online fare estimators: Some websites offer fare estimates for Uber rides in different cities. However, these estimates might not be as accurate as using the Uber app itself.

Here are some resources that can help you estimate the cost of your Uber ride in Giza:

  • Uber app: Download the Uber app and enter your desired trip details for a personalized fare estimate.
  • Natstravel - Is There Uber In Egypt? Guide To Prices, Info & More 2024: https://www.uber.com/global/en/price-estimate/ (This website provides a general overview of UberX pricing in Egypt, but keep in mind these are estimates and actual prices may vary)

Additional tips for using Uber:

  • Look for promotions: Uber sometimes offers promotions and discounts for new or existing users.
  • Consider UberX Saver: This option offers lower fares but might take longer to find a ride.
  • Share your ride: If you're comfortable sharing your ride with others, UberPool can be a more affordable option.
  • Plan your trip: Consider requesting your Uber during off-peak hours to avoid surge pricing.
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