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Here are the most common ways to say "hi" in Chinese, along with their explanations:

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  1. 你好 (nǐ hǎo): This is the most common way to say "hi" in Chinese. It is a polite greeting suitable for both formal and informal situations.

  2. 喂 (wèi): This is commonly used when answering the phone in Chinese-speaking countries. It is equivalent to saying "hello" when picking up the phone.

  3. 嗨 (hāi): This is a more casual way of saying "hi" in Chinese, often used among friends and peers.

  4. 好久不见 (hǎojiǔ bùjiàn): This phrase translates to "long time no see" in English and can be used to greet someone you haven't seen in a while.

  5. 早 (zǎo): This means "morning" in Chinese and can be used as a greeting in the morning, similar to saying "good morning" in English.

These are just a few common ways to say "hi" in Chinese, each with its own nuances and appropriate usage depending on the context.

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