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how do peanuts grow

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Peanuts may surprise you with their unique way of growing:

  1. Planting: Peanut seeds are planted in the ground, usually in early spring, after the risk of frost has passed. They prefer warm soil and warm weather.

  2. Sprouting: The seeds germinate and sprout, forming green leaves and stems above ground.

  3. Flowering: As the plant matures, it produces small yellow flowers.

  4. Pegging: This is where the fascinating part happens. The plant sends out special underground stems called "pegs." These pegs grow downward and burrow into the soil.

  5. Peanut Development: At the tips of these pegs, peanut pods start to develop. These pods contain the actual peanuts, which are technically not nuts but legumes.

  6. Maturity and Harvest: The peanut pods mature underground over several weeks. Once they're ready, farmers typically harvest the entire plant in the fall and turn them upside down to dry in the field. After drying, the peanuts are separated from the plants and ready for enjoyment!

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