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how to watch game 7 alcs

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As of today, February 28, 2024, there is no Major League Baseball (MLB) season ongoing, and therefore, no American League Championship Series (ALCS) happening. The most recent MLB season ended in October 2023, and the ALCS took place between the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, with the Astros winning in 7 games.

If you'd like to watch highlights or replays of the 2023 ALCS Game 7, you can try searching online platforms like:

  • MLB.com: https://www.mlb.com/ may offer highlights or condensed replays of the game.
  • YouTube: You might find highlights or fan-uploaded clips of the game.
  • Sports news websites or channels: Some websites or channels might have archived footage or summaries of the game.

It's important to be aware of copyright restrictions and avoid watching content from unauthorized sources.

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